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Kimberly Canter, PhD

The Intervention Methodology: Provision and Connection through Technology Core provides infrastructure to support the development, implementation, and maintenance of technology-enabled interventions and models of care focused on reducing health inequities and improving child health outcomes. IMPACT will connect with other IDeA State resources to build expertise in user-centered and stakeholder-engaged methodologies (e.g., Think Aloud testing), efficacy and effectiveness trials and other evaluation designs (e.g., randomized controlled trials, quasi-experimental designs), and design-for-dissemination and implementation models.


The IMPACT Core will prioritize five Technological Applications that support the use of user-centered and stakeholder-engaged Intervention Science methodologies - eHealth and Internet-Delivered Interventions, mHealth and App-Delivered Interventions, Virtual Reality and Simulation, Big Data & Machine Learning, and Electronic Health Record Integration.

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REACH Center faculty (Canter, Alderfer, Kazak, Hildenbrand, Arasteh) have expertise in the three priority areas that are the initial focus of the Intervention Science component of the IMPACT Core:  Qualitative and mixed methods, user-centered and stakeholder engaged methodologies, and best practices in evaluation, dissemination and implementation of interventions.


Colleagues from Nemours and other IDeA state centers have complementary expertise to provide a valuable service to investigators supported by the IMPACT Core. REACH plans for strategic recruitment prioritize hiring a faculty member with expertise in novel intervention design, which will enhance the research supported by the IMPACT core. 


REACH faculty will participate in workshops and trainings to develop additional expertise to support the mission and goals of the IMPACT Core.


Five content experts within Nemours serve as expert liaisons to the five Technological Applications prioritized by the IMPACT Core: eHealth and Internet-Facilitated Interventions; mHealth and App-Delivered Interventions; Virtual Reality and Simulation Interventions; Big Data and Machine Learning; and EPIC (Electronic Health Record) Integration.


 Each area helps fill a gap in IDeA state resources and provides a valuable service to investigators in DE, who will work with Dr. Canter and the expert liaisons to integrate these methods into their research.

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