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Enhanced Community-Based Asthma Monitoring Through Novel Technology

Pilot Project Leader: Abigail Strang, MD

The primary objective of this project is to pilot test implementation of a protocol for enhanced asthma monitoring using novel technology, including mobile spirometry and remote study visits, for rural and medically underserved children with persistent asthma in Delaware and to determine its feasibility, acceptability, and accessibility. Additionally, the project aims to explore patient and family demographic characteristics and social factors associated with successful completion of the program and to explore the preliminary effect of the enhanced asthma monitoring program on asthma control and sleepiness as a measure of daytime functioning.


The results from this pilot study will be used to develop expanded intervention trials to assess the efficacy
of similar enhanced asthma monitoring interventional programs on asthma-specific outcomes.

Enhancing Implementation of School-based Antiracism Interventions

Pilot Project Leader: Danielle Hatchimonji, Ph.D.

The long-term goal of this research program is to use a community-based participatory research approach
to develop, test, and disseminate technology-enhanced social-emotional interventions that support educators in combatting both individual and structural racism. The research team is currently conducting an open pilot in a single Delaware K-8 school of “Actions Against Racism” (AAR) educator trainings geared toward improving educator skills and confidence for engaging in color conscious racial socialization with students.


The proposed community-engaged project moves this program of research forward by gathering information about current implementation practices and beginning the process of translating live AAR educator trainings into a web delivery format. The research team will build on existing partnerships with the Delaware Department of Education and educators throughout Delaware to document existing practices to combat racism and racial disparities. Because efforts to confront racism are often met with resistance, the team will also collect data on implementation barriers and facilitators to better understand the implementation landscape. The team will use these data to inform the translation of AAR live educator trainings into a web-based delivery, while continuously assessing the acceptability of this format.

Improving Equity in Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes Behavioral Care and Research

Pilot Project Leader: Julia Price, PhD

The aim of this multimethod community engaged research is to develop pediatric Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) stakeholder partnerships that are essential to studies to improve equity in behavioral T1D intervention research and care. The project will develop strategies to increase engagement of African American families and/or families from low-income households in pediatric T1D behavioral intervention research and explore perspectives on existing pediatric behavioral T1D interventions from youth with T1D and their families who are underrepresented in research in this area.

Results from this project will advance inclusion of underrepresented groups in future pediatric T1D
behavioral intervention studies, significantly improving the utility and relevance of this research in caring for families.

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