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Stakeholder Advisory Committee

REACH is seeking parents and teens to guide research on equity!


We are looking for about 5-10 parents and teens to help guide the REACH center, which is focused on equity. Parents and teens will be paid for their time. We would like to hear from people across Delaware to help make sure that we are asking the right questions, hearing from different communities, and working together to turn research into action that will do good. You do not need to go to a Nemours doctor to help guide this center.

The Ask:

Parents and teens know a lot about what works and what does not work in their communities. The REACH Center is forming a Stakeholder Advisory Committee to learn about what things might work best. We may want to talk with you about issues like access to quality health and human services, healthy weight, emotional and behavioral health, risk and resilience, and managing medical conditions like diabetes or heart health. We are especially interested in understanding how using technology might help. We hope that you will tell us what you think, help us understand your community to help the REACH Center achieve its goals of improving child health.

How will it work?

The Stakeholder Advisory Committee will meet two-to-four times a year. We will send information before each meeting to prepare. Your committee will choose a chairperson who would also help share the committee’s ideas with other members of the REACH Center.


Time Commitment:

We expect each meeting to last about two hours. Nemours will pay for transportation and be sure that there are options to join the meeting remotely (like through Teams or Zoom). The chairperson person will attend two other meetings each year for four hours each where they would help communicate the perspectives of other Committee members.



We ask that members sign up to be on the committee for one year at a time. The committee will operate for five years, but you do not need to commit to all five years.


We value the expertise that parents and teens bring to the table. Committee members will be paid for their time at a rate of $50 per hour.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying to join the committee, please complete the application form below. Contact with any questions.

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