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Anne E. Kazak, PhD

Admin Core Functions:

  • Create a cohesive sustainable infrastructure to expand capacity for innovative stakeholder-engaged research programs developing and evaluating technology-enabled interventions to address inequities in child health

  • Coordinate educational and administrative resources to establish a critical mass of independent multidisciplinary investigators committed to research addressing issues of equity in pediatric healthcare

  • Ensure successful day-to-day operations and long-term success of the REACH Center

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A two-tiered Mentorship Program supports our Pilot Project Leaders and the transition of our Research Project Leaders to independent external funding (Launch) and provide independent Center faculty with career and leadership skills to ensure their promotion and foster their retention (Lead).


The REACH Center makes two funding opportunities available to support mentored research projects that are aligned with the REACH Center’s mission. Research projects should be focused on developing or adapting clinical care in partnership with community stakeholders and providing technology-enhanced interventions to reduce family social risks, reduce disparities, and improve child health.

The Pilot Project award provides a maximum of $50,000 for one-year projects of limited scope such as testing feasibility of methods, analyzing existing datasets to answer relevant community stakeholder-informed questions, collecting and analyzing formative intervention data, or examining intervention mechanisms or preliminary outcomes.

The Research Project is an award of a broader scope that address an important research question, applying innovative methodologies and generating data that will support the preparation of a larger research grant. This mechanism supports investigators who will devote a minimum of 50% effort to their research project for three years. It provides a maximum of $125,000 per year. Recipients are expected to compete successfully for larger external grants within two years of their award.


The Research Management Program oversees the training and deployment of research coordinators to work on REACH Center research, ensures compliance with local and federal reporting requirements and assures seamless organization of planned activities and events and maintenance of records to promote strategic planning.

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